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No Preservatives or Additives

Pel-Freez Rabbit is on Target with Today's Healthiest Lifestyles

Nutritious, Delicious & Easy to Prepare Pel-Freez Rabbit is on Target with Today's Lifestyle

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With more than a hundred years of industry experience, Pel-Freez is one of the oldest and largest producers of US-sourced rabbit meat. We produce and supply premium-quality rabbit products – in both fresh and frozen form – all over the United States.


Here at Pel-Freez, we believe in attention to detail, hard work, and giving our rabbits the best environment and care they can get. All our rabbits are bred, born, and raised on our own farms organically, and are guaranteed to be free of hormones and antibiotics. This allows us to ensure consistently high quality of products.


All our facilities and processes are fully compliant with all USDA guidelines, and all our handling and packaging procedures meet FDA standards. Get in touch with our representatives if you want to learn more about our USDA-inspected rabbit meat products.


  • Rabbit meat is high in protein and B vitamins, yet low in calories, cholesterol, fat, and sodium.
  • The all-white meat is extremely tender, flavorful and versatile… ideal for fast grilling, braising or roasting.
  • There are no preservatives or additives in Pel-Freez Rabbit Meat.
  • Pel-Freez is the only 100% USDA approved, Grade A supplier for rabbit meat.
  • Pel-Freez rabbits are farm bred and raised to yield mild and succulent white meat.