Our Story

In Englewood California in 1911, a pregnant rabbit named Betsy Ann was given to the son of Herman Pelphrey. The rabbits born to Betsy Ann grew and bred, and eventually the back yard of the Pelphrey’s home was overrun with rabbits.

Turning the dilemma into an opportunity, Herman sold fresh rabbit meat to his neighbors. By 1918 he was marketing the meat to the public under the name of the “H.F. Pelphrey Company.” The H.F. Pelphrey Company kept pace with the development of frozen foods, and in 1947, the “Pel-Freez” name was developed to emphasize the role of this developing technology. Around that time, Robert Dubbell married into the Pelphrey family. Robert played a pivotal role in establishing Pel-Freez operations in Rogers, Arkansas, as well as entering other markets for rabbit by-products.

The current owner, David Dubbell, is Robert Dubbell’s son. Pel-Freez is currently the largest rabbit meat processor in the United States.  Pel-Freez processing plant and rabbit meat are USDA inspected and approved.  With no preservatives or other additives, Pel-Freez rabbit meat is a tasty alternative for weight watchers and the health conscious.