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Fresh Farm Raised Rabbit Meat Products

One of the United States’ largest and oldest producer of domestic rabbit, Pel-Freez offers a wide variety of USDA-inspected and approved farm fresh rabbit products, including whole fryer rabbit, deboned whole rabbit loin, and rabbit legs – in both fresh and froze form.

Here at Pel-Freez, we constantly strive to deliver the best and freshest rabbit you can find in the whole of America. Our rabbits are bred, farm-raised and harvested through a carefully devised, sustainable process that we’ve perfected over the years. Every rabbit is farm-raised in a sheltered environment, and receives individualized water, food, and rest. The high-quality rabbit feed we use is rich in fiber, proteins, and other nutrients.

All of the meat processing and packaging is done on our own farms, which allows us to ensure freshness and consistent quality. Our facilities and practices are USDA inspected and approved, and our handling and packaging procedures are fully compliant with the latest FDA standards.

Pel-Freez produces carefully selected, farm-raised rabbit meat with a consistently mild taste – no preservatives or additives. We offer a variety of products from our USDA inspected and approved processing plant, in both fresh and in frozen format to meet the needs of food service distributors and retail stores and restaurants from coast to coast.

Whole Fryer Rabbit

Individually bagged and vacuum sealed; 2.5-3 lbs average weight per rabbit.

Case Pack:  6 head average case weight 16 lbs; 12 head average case weight 32 lbs;  Fresh or Frozen available

Whole Loin Bone In/Saddles

3 whole bone-in saddles per tray, approximately 0.8 lbs per saddle;

Case pack: 6 trays per case; average case weight 15 lbs .
Fresh or Frozen available

Deboned Whole Loin

3 whole boneless loins per tray; approximately 0.5 per loin; 1.5 lbs per tray

Case Pack: 6 trays per case; average case weight 9 lbs.

Fresh or Frozen available

8 Piece Cut-up Box

1 whole cut-up young rabbit per box, with giblets, approximately 2.5 lbs per box ; Tray packaging also available

Case Pack: 6 boxes per case; average case weight 17 lbs;

Frozen only

Hind Legs Bone in

4 legs per tray, average weight each leg 0.5 lbs, 2 lbs per tray

Case Pack: 6 trays per case, average case weight 12 lbs;

Fresh or Frozen available

Other Products Available (Not Shown)

  • Eye of the Loin (frozen only): A delicate cut of the finest tenderloin only; tray packed, average tray weight 2 lbs; Case pack: 6 trays per case; average case weight 12 lbs
  • Tray Pack Whole Cut-Up Rabbit (Frozen or Fresh): 6 trays per case, average case weight 16 lbs
  • Miscellaneous Fryer Parts:  Tray-packed,  approx. 2.5 lbs per tray; 6 trays per case,  average case weight 17 lbs
  • Fryer Bones: 30 lb bags